Biology Tools

Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 features advancements in brushless DC motor technology for dramatically improved energy efficiency, safety performance, and reliability. SmartClean offers a window cleaning position that provides the user access to interior of window sash. SmartPort provides a clean and easy way to organize the interior of the 1300 Series A2, with confidence due to the negative pressure dual-side wall.

Bio Hood

Thermo Scientific* Series 8000 incubators feature a proven sterilization system that destroys all microbial life forms inside the chamber.
Thermo Scientific Series 8000 CO2 incubators offer dependable flexibility for growing cells. Precise temperature control and stability of all culture parameters keep cultures safe. Automatic high-temperature decontamination cycle is ideal for overnight sterilization and ensures consistent sterilization time after time.

CO2 incubator

The benchtop Excella E24 incubator shaker provides advanced performance and advanced features. The reliable microprocessor control system enables precise setting of speed, running time and temperature and automatically compensates for changes in load, voltage or temperature. The easy-to-use keypad and large LED display provide a clear view of parameters and reduce operator error. A unique acceleration/deceleration circuit prevents sudden starts and stops.

incubator shaker

There are two laboratory refrigerators designed for storing critical materials that demand constant temperature and security. The temperature of the two refrigerators can reach -85 and -20 Celsius degree, respectively.